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Victor Marx is the founder of All Things Possible, a philanthropic organization that exists to identify, interrupt and restore those affected by trauma. Their global efforts have helped thousands of women, children and members of our military find hope, healing and the power of faith.

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Who They Help

All Things Possible regularly places themselves in harms way to reach and restore victims of trauma. Their ongoing efforts have helped thousands of children, women and members of our military discover new hope, experience lasting change and receive ongoing support.

How They Help

All Things Possible accomplishes their mission with time-tested, budget-friendly projects that make a lasting difference in the lives of those suffering from trauma.

Just $ 0 can change a life
  • "Victor Marx is a true warrior and combatives instructor and any military unit would benefit from his instruction and techniques."

    Sergeant Major Greg
    Sergeant Major Greg U.S. Army (Ret.), Service included 75th Ranger Regiment and the 1st SFOD-D
  • "His honesty and forthrightness are unquestionable. I believe in Victor Marx and his mission. I hope that you will be touched by his commitment like I have."

    Frank Shamrock
    Frank Shamrock 5X UFC Undefeated Champion
  • "Victor Marx is the real deal. He is a PTSD survivor who now fearlessly uses his knowledge and experience to help others overcome!"

    Maj. Gen (Ret.) William K. Fuller
    Maj. Gen (Ret.) William K. Fuller Former Deputy Commanding General of I Corps, U.S. Army
  • "Despite everything he endured he continued to press forward, to fight, to persevere. I am a better man for knowing him and I am thankful to count Victor Marx a friend and a brother."

    Senior Chief David A. Hansen
    Senior Chief David A. Hansen Navy Seal
  • "Victor Marx is one of the top martial artists in the country. I have never seen anybody with faster hands."

    LT. General (Ret). Jerry Boykin
    LT. General (Ret). Jerry Boykin Delta Force
  • "Victor Marx has my highest recommendation as a martial artist and trainer. He came to our camp in Burma and gave our Rangers outstanding hand-to-hand and unarmed combative, as well as knife, rifle and pistol training. He also visited us at the front lines in the battle against ISIS in Mosul, where he trained Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi soldiers and was a great encouragement to our teams."

    David Eubanks (Maj. R. 2/75 RGR, 1st Special Forces Group (A)
    David Eubanks (Maj. R. 2/75 RGR, 1st Special Forces Group (A) Founder, Free Burma Rangers
  • "In order to be a teacher you have to be a student. Victor lives this fully. He went through hell and now he’s turned that fire into blessing people all over the world."

    Marcus Luttrell
    Marcus Luttrell The inspiration for Mark Wahlberg’s Lone Survivor movie
  • "You are an inspiration! GOD bless you!"

    Robert Patrick
    Robert Patrick Actor


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