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With Roe v. Wade Finally Overturned, Conservatives Must Guard Themselves From Complacency

By Dr. Omar L. Hamada

The overturning of Roe v. Wade, which was a Constitutionally accurate judgment placing those decisions in the hands of the states, could very likely shift the midterms.

Too many Americans strongly believe that it’s more important to have the absolute and unhindered right to take the lives of their own preborn children than nearly anything else.

The economy, national defense, energy, inflation, unemployment, the border, supply chains, law and order, education, governmental intrusion, the First Amendment, Second Amendment and Tenth Amendment all pale in comparison in their minds.

However, there may be a surprisingly unexpected effect as, for many, sex is once again linked to intimacy and reproduction.

Perhaps we’ll see a move from an individualistic society where personal happiness is the preeminent goal, though truly unattainable alone, to a family-based society once again, where we rely on one another and learn to responsibly live in relationship.

Regardless, election integrity and getting out to vote is vital.


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