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Victor Marx is the producer and creator of Triggered and Triggered Too. Both documentary films expose the real life challenges of childhood trauma and PTSD, both for civilians and members of the military.

Victor also produced an autobiographical documentary detailing his remarkable story, The Victor Marx Story. The film was also adapted into a book of the same title, which is currently on it’s 3rd edition.

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triggered military edition victor marx poster

Triggered The Movie

In TRIGGERED, renowned trauma expert Victor Marx, himself a victim of PTSD, takes the viewer on a journey of hope, uncovering causes, symptoms and treatment options for trauma victims. Unscripted, raw and authentic interviews of victims and medical experts reveal how those suffering from trauma can be freed from its life-crippling effects.

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Triggered Too

Victor Marx returns with Triggered Too – an in depth look at the impact of trauma and PTSD on families and individuals. Triggered Too provides inspiration and guidance for those who have faced serious personal trauma that has impacted their lives and families. It features top professionals in the field of PTSD as well as deeply moving personal stories of trauma, dysfunction and recovery.

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The Victor Marx Story

This 3rd Edition of Victor’s Story continues to bring hope and healing to those who have suffered childhood trauma here in the US. Victor also brings hope to the Middle East to those affected by ISIS from the small child to the most influential in the Muslim world. New photos of actual footage in Iraq and amazing opportunities given to Victor. A Must Read!


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